Souvenirs Scolaires!

This blog topic was suggested by someone who means a lot to me. She insisted to write on this like twice. Though this one is a lil tough to put down 13 years worth memories in one blog, I’ll try making a jist. So here goes. I walked into the gates of OOEHSAA on 1st […]

And then the reality hurts.

This tiny vacation that I had, to come back home after four and a half months and be the girl I was back in my school days. Reliving all the nostalgic moments. Real smiles and laughter. Happy, peaceful and playful all over again and not thinking, whining or worried about things was definitely refreshing. Home […]

So Called Beliefs.

Yes, Superstitions are crazy and stupid. But they do instill a fear of the unknown into you and make you hopelessly dependant on a ridiculous concept that exists because of age-old beliefs, traditions, rumours, assumptions, misunderstandings whatever it’s supposed to be. You do understand that the way you lived your day and how it shaped […]

The 90’s

The last ones to use b/w televisions, flip phones, dial telephones, coloured television and now using the smart TV’s. Aren’t we the last generation that used cassette players, VCR, DVR and now the CDs. The ‘walkman’ – you’d be considered ‘cool’ if you owned one. Lol. The last generation who actually played outside, got dirty […]

World right now?

Sitting at the airport lounge with a lot of humans yet no one conversed, everyone’s busy with their smartphones including me, like I’m writing this up. Where has world come up to?! The world right now, is cruel, judging, hate, jealously filled minds, heartless, and definitely never thoughtful. We live in a world filled with […]

A look into the future?

Tbh this actually freaks me out always. Do y’all get premonitions, visions and intuitions? I do. It does take me aback every single time. Things I’ll be mentioning here are things I haven’t spoken about to anyone till date. Though for a while whatever I perceived never happened in real life but one did yesterday. […]

Live And Let Go.

Letting go is an art, it’s an invitation to relinquish unhealthy attachments to possessions, people, places, events etc.., No time is better than the present to make a concious decision to realize these negative influence, so as to enjoy life as it comes. Life unfolds precious moments each and every day. As we grow up, […]